The Chilled Launch Party – “The Happy Place”

Dive into a world where joy reigns supreme at The Chilled Launch Party!


(Date to be confirmed)


London (Venue to be confirmed)


The Chilled Launch Party – “The Happy Place”

Are you ready to embrace happiness in a retail environment that’s utterly unique? “The Happy Place” is not just a celebration; it’s a retreat for the soul, designed to spring joy and banish stress. Here’s what awaits you:

Step through the doors and receive a literal warm hug from our team. Feel the stress melt away as you’re enveloped in warmth, welcomed into a space where joy is the onlycurrency. Amid this welcoming atmosphere, pick up a personalized message tailored just for you, designed to uplift and inspire. It’s a small token that carries a significantimpact, ensuring every guest leaves with a piece of personalized positivity.

Find your moment of rejuvenation through engaging activities and serene spaces. Whether it’s a calming corner for reflection or a burst of laughter-inducing fun, discover your personal revival. Experience sessions that offer food for your soul, from mindfulness workshops to inspirational talks, allowing you to awaken to a new perspective on joy and serenity.

Amid the hustle of the city, “The Happy Place” stands as an oasis that soothes and revitalizes. Every element is curated to nurture well-being and tranquillity, promising an escape where happiness isn’t just celebrated; it’s created.

Join us at The Chilled Launch Party, where we’re not just throwing an event; we’re crafting an experience. Prepare to be enlightened, stress-reduced, and wrapped in the warm embrace of The Chilled Agency.

RSVP soon to secure your spot in this blissful retreat. Rediscover joy, reclaim peace, and celebrate happiness with us. Are you ready to find your Happy Place?

Let’s make joy happen. Together at The Happy Place.