Creative & Design Ideation Series

Where Creativity Syncs with Strategy

DesignLive presents an exclusive line-up that’s more than just workshops

They’re catalysts for transformation

Are You
Jam Hot?

Unlock the symphony of innovation at our Idea Jam Sessions – the electrifying nexus where brainstorming meets beats, turning light bulb moments into blazing ideas. “Are you jam hot?” is not just a question; it’s a challenge we pose to the sharpest minds and the brightest thinkers who dare to think differently.

Cross-Industry Live Idea Marathons

Diverse perspectives collide to spark unprecedented innovation, driving you to explore ideas that transcend boundaries.

Business Model Live Innovation Labs

Refine and redefine business strategies through collaborative and hands-on experiences that disrupt the status quo.

Creative Problem-Solving Live Symposiums

Engage with complex challenges and emerge with solutions that marry creativity with practicality, igniting change that resonates.

Live Corporate Culture Reinvention Circles

Redefine what corporate culture means by embedding creativity and innovation into the very fabric of your organization.

Who knows what you don’t know? We dive deep into the unknown, uncovering hidden opportunities and empowering you to navigate the uncharted waters of change.

Join us at DesignLive, where your vision gains the clarity and the velocity to not just soar, but to revolutionize.

It’s time to amplify your ideas and set the stage for breakthroughs.