Live Creative

We believe that meeting up should always feel like hanging out — with a twist of business in the front and a party in the back.

So, if it’s not you, who is hanging out with your audience?

Don’t let it be a competitor!

EngageLive is where your presence becomes as influential as your ideas.


EngageLive is our events/activations/launches service. It’s the ultimate blend of professional exchange and social zest, a way to morph creative events into transformative extraordinary memories and professional handshakes into bonds that redefine networking.

Creative Events

Tailored experiences that captivate and connect, inviting you into a realm where every introduction has the potential to spark something remarkable.

Creative Experiences

Beyond the surface of traditional networking, we craft moments that combine immersive learning with the joy of discovery.

Creative Launches

 Launch your latest endeavours not with a whisper, but a bang that resounds across industries.

Campaigns and Activations

We ignite campaigns that do more than just reach out; they resonate, creating active engagement that provokes.

Join us and let’s make business unconventional