Retail awards and celebration dinner in Manchester

Manchester Arndale Retail Awards

500 Attendees


To deliver an annual event dedicated to recognising and rewarding excellent customer service and exceptional store teams at ManchesterArndale. Commitment to fundraising for charity partner Real Change MCR was also integral to the event’s success.


The event took place at the iconic Kimpton Clocktower. We shaped the agenda to ensure the pace of the event was both exciting and intriguingwith roaming entertainers to greet guests, take pictures with and get the party started. On the night we encouraged guests to dig deep and took additional donations for the event charity partner.


We challenged the idea of a traditional format to achieve a point of difference which the client was hugely receptive to, and we explored many venues in Manchester but with a restricted budget, a required distance from the city centre and a strict date, it became difficult to find a venue that could tick every box. In turn, with every venue we explored, the lead time became shorter and our pool smaller and threatened to have an impact on ticket sales.


Seamless event delivery with over 500 guests attending. Consistently using the same reliable, professional, and all-round amazing supplierscontributed to great success. £5,250 raised in charitable contributions for Real Change MCR supporting people who are homeless or rough sleeping in Greater Manchester. Creating an impact and legacy to further strengthen the retail and hospitality community within Manchester Arndale.

The event truly captured the magic of the Manchester retail community and naturally finished with champagne flowing and with throwing shapes on the dance floor creating lasting memories.